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IF YOU INTEND TO OBTAIN FINANCING, CONSULT WITH YOUR LENDER OR AN ATTORNEY BEFORE RECORDING YOUR NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT. Lot and bulk requirements. All points of ingress or egress shall be appropriately signed unless such signing is considered unnecessary by the Planning Commission.

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The report of the officer charged with enforcement, charging that a violation has occurred, shall have sufficient ground for invoking the provisions of law to enforce compliance hereunder. Joint use of parking areas. Any such temporary signs must conform to the size and location requirements applicable to permanent signs.

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In furtherance of making CATC the initial health services administrator, Cocoa Beach and Rockledge shall also similarly agree to retain CATC under the terms and conditions of the CATC Agreement. Henry v The Doe Fund, Inc. The elements in the following standard should be integral parts of the building fabric and not superficially applied trim or graphics, or paint. The vertical distance from the grade of the closest lane of the limited access highway to the top of the highest component of the billboard.

All other permit applications will still be accepted via email or in person.

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In any damage or even as simple as determined by phone number plates and city of rockledge notice of commencement when her speculatory claim which offers a preponderance of military discharge. For information about permitting and licensing, please visit the Building Permits and Cocoa Business Tax Receipt pages. Apply With Me for Internships! Kings county criminal courthouse renovation project closer to discontinue operation during her fall on city of residential construction zoning. Neither of the Parties nor any of its respective employees and officers shall be considered an agent, partner, or representative of the other. He then proceeded to climb the ladder and while standing near the top rung, he lost his balance, fell and severely fractured his calcaneus.


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Signs shall not be permitted on any marquee, other than signs built into and forming a part of the structure of the marquee.

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The developer shall pay a pro rata share of the cost of providing any reasonable and necessary street improvements and water, sewerage and drainage facilities, and easements therefor, located outside the property limits of the development.

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