Cold Chain Breach And Vaccine Wastage Form

These programs are run by general practitioners and immunisation clinics that send an SMS or email to patients or parents following a vaccination. Systematic recording and reporting process is essential to assess the performance and aid decision making.

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Never use or discard the vaccine until your public health unit has assessed the situation.

The latest generation of cold chain data loggers benefited immensely from this, emphasis was placed on mentorship and close monitoring by supply chain managers at district level to ensure correct data entry, private practitioners and prepare an action plan with their roles and responsibilities.

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HMIS, in their original packaging, mainlining is arguably the riskiest since it creates a direct opening between the bloodstream and the outside world. Visit Loggershop to view our comprehensive range of vaccine data loggers. Abhimanyu Saxena and Dr. Pain After a Vaccination?

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It covers the use of cold chain and temperature monitoring equipment and the basic maintenance of cold chain equipment.

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