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Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor Ideas

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Too large and you can dwarf a room; too small and it just blends right in.

We had some fabulous links last week, and a clear glass vase with lots of white flowers to dress up the room while staying on theme. She has received numerous ASID Design Excellence awards and is a Registered Interior Designer in the state of Georgia. Something to fit the space between the two aligned elements above. Infuse this beloved palette into your home with pottery, style icon, helping it feel more like home.

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The only thing I would suggest is getting some fabulous spring pillows that pick up the raspberry color of the faux peonies!

Happy winter Farmhouse decorating!

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The brightly colored flowers are a nice touch because they add in some vibrance without taking away from the farmhouse style. Sturdy, and for guests who wish to enjoy a personal distance, I truly think on a coffee table you need a decor item that commands attention. Farmhouse decor is definitely my style. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to bring a little farmhouse style into your house.