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The tax levied on them is unreasonable and when the villagers ask for a rollback, they end up in decision based on the winner of a cricket match.

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International relations scholars Abhijnan Rej and Rahul Sagar trace the evolution of Hindu nationalist strategic thought through the decades and assess the degree to which the Modi government has adhered to its core principles.

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Taken away from its Western imperialist urges, Indian patriotism is a sehnsucht, a yearning for home more deeply personal that any sense of conquest.

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Sporadic border rows have disrupted and even derailed years of effort to address the mistrust and hostility between the two countries and their people as they jostle for dominance in the region.

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At the same time, a Tamil Hindu would feel he has much more in common with a Tamil Christian or a Tamil Muslim than with, say, a Jat from the state of Haryana with whom he formally shares the Hindu religion.

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Regrettably, in the current scenario the waves of jingoism have blown so hard and fast that India lost its dignified plot at National as well as International level.

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Do the passengers stand up to show respect, or remain strapped in as per flight rules?

And hyper nationalism is a convenient cloak to hide the lack a comprehensive and progressive vision for the country.

Pride for the nation will not be confined to cricket matches alone but in wanting to keep our streets clean and maintaining law and order.

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As the global economy has slumped nationalism and sovereignty have replaced Xi Jinping's 'Chinese dream' as the primary focus for Beijing.

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